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For over 10 years Lemongrass has been at the forefront of designing, manufacturing, and supplying schools around India. During this time we have seen a lot of changes to garment and fabric construction. Also, technological advancement has played an important role in the current range and options available. The needs of schools have also markedly changed.

Budgets rise and fall, the environment is getting changed and children grow at different rates and in different shapes. Lemongrass has adapted to all of these factors and led the way in developing durable uniforms coupled with a high level of comforts that are cost-effective and readily stitched to fit the students of today.

Let’s not forget also that students are now more “opinionated” about what they wear and in turn this has become a major factor in deciding which school they wish to attend, a marketing tool so to speak. The necessity of a “hassle-free” uniform service is paramount to schools more than ever. Funding, volunteers, and operating space are becoming harder and harder to come by.


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Best of all, Lemongrass offers you complete individuality on every uniform item from socks to buttons and bows. Consider every picture in this catalog as just the beginning of a possible uniform enhancement. Don’t be restricted if the colors aren’t yours or you would prefer alterations or you have something particular in mind that you cannot see in the catalog. It is a representation of our range and not the limit of it. In essence, school uniform branding and a seamless supply method is becoming a critical element when establishing and sustaining the image required for your school. This is what we specialize in.